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Welcome To Jett Engineering
Builder of powerful, reliable sport and competition model aircraft engines.

Made in the USA

If you want out-of-sight performance, awesome speed, and gut-wrenching maneuvers, we have the engines for you. Some say the sky is the limit, but the only limit you'll have is that occasional stop for fuel. Check out our Sport-Jett and other engine specifications and compare them to your present Nitro-Burners.
Sport - Aerobatics - Scale
Racing - 3D - And More...
You will be amazed!

The Amazing Hangar 9
Sundowner 50 and the SJ-60LX
A Perfect Match For Speed - Performance - Reliability !

SJ-60LX and BSE-60LX
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Project Photos and Installation Details
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Available January 2008.....

428 Q-500 Class .40 Racing Engine

Features In This New Design:

  • Longer Stroke
  • Improved Muffler
  • Longer rod for smoother operation
  • New advanced piston material

Price: BSE $400.00 Cast $375
Order Directly Using Our On-Line Order Form
Standard delivery lead times apply.

The Ultimate Q-500 Racing Engine is here....
QM-2 Quarter Midget .40 engine also available !
BSE $400.00 Cast Case $375.00


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incredible amount of spam received in our email, our world renowned customer service has become difficult to manage. Jett his forced to again change the email addresse we can effectively use. The address is now obsolete and will return an email error. Do not use this or any other old email address you might run across on the website, as they will be bounced or unanswered. The website is undergoing updates to correspond with these changes. Thank you for your understanding.
#2 - Notice Of Shipping Lead Times
All Engines Built To Order

Please be aware that every engine is built to order. At this time most engines and some parts will ship in three weeks from the date of your order. Sometimes lead times can be longer depending on a number of variables. You will notified of lead time at the time of your order.

F-16 Falcon and F-18 Hornet ARF with Jett Power
SJ-90L and SJ-90LX

Many Examples Flying Today - A Perfect Combination

Our amazing bar-stock BSE-90L
or our
famous cast case SJ-90L

Attention Patriot XL And All Prop-Jet Pilots!
Our powerful BSE-90L is your engine you choice for the Great Planes Patriot XL and many .60 size prop-jet models
Jett offers two 90L engines to choose from
Our amazing bar-stock BSE-90L
or our
famous cast case SJ-90L

In-Cowl Muffler

Jett Carbs And
Mufflers For
ST 2300-3250

Remote Needle
Valves - Save
Your Fingers!

2.25 dia
Spinner - Great
For Prop-Jets

Tuned Mufflers
Available For
Your Engine

BB Wheels
Best Racing
Wheels Anywhere

Fuel Tanks
4oz to 12oz

40 Size
Monster Power
3D - Scale

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Advice and instructions on setting up and getting the best performance from your Jett engine.
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Dub's new right-hand man, Byron
Jett Engineering is very proud to have him on board.

Do you have questions about engine selection, aircraft applications, props, mufflers ??
In addition to our phone and direct email support, Jett is now happy to provide discussion board support for all Jett products through the Jett Engineering Support forum hosted by

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Forum host Bob Brassell welcomes you to post questions, share your experiences, and exhange knowledge and experiences with other Jett product owners.

Rare photo captured of Jetta's evil twin, Nelsona

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